Rumsby Homes

Land Acquisition and Trading

Land is where it all begins for us, the birthplace of our opportunities. We work with and invest in land in a number of different capacities including buying and selling, achieving planning permission for our clients, or ourselves, acquiring plots that we have earmarked for future potential development and of course developing new homes.

Whether it’s land with or without planning permission, heritage or conservation areas, greenbelt, greenfield, brownfield or a segment of garden, no matter the challenges involved, we are passionate about exploring its potential and interested in hearing from you.

Large & Small

We’ve worked on large schemes that demand long and involved planning applications for multiple dwellings, as well as small intricate garden plots that require delicate negotiation and an efficient design.

Our Passion

Ultimately we’re passionate about land – it can offer us the chance to build something special, something that compliments the location and often improves an area. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a land related enquiry or need for advice.